Benefits Of Engineered Stone

When it comes to kitchen bench tops, stone is a popular option because of durability and easy access. However, natural stone is slowly losing popularity as engineered stone continues to be popular. This is mainly because natural stone may be attractive but loses out to engineered stone when it comes to resilience. Below are some of the most common benefits of choosing engineered stone over other countertop materials such as natural stone and wood.

The first advantage is durability. With any purchase, you will always look for value for money and engineered stone gives you exactly that. With the many options available for your kitchen and even bathroom counters, you might be easily drawn to making the cheaper option of wood or sometimes even plastic laminate but unfortunately, you will have to dig into your pockets every so often to keep the finish looking appealing. The thing about engineered stone is that it goes through a double process to make it as sturdy as natural stone. These engineered and quartz stone bench tops therefore are not easily damaged by a hot pan or crack easily if a spoon slips from your hand, however even though engineered stone counters are hard, it is still advisable to use a chopping board, for more information visit this page.

Secondly, most stone products are porous meaning that they absorb water to some degree. However, engineered stone products such as marble and quartz are made to be nonporous making them the ideal choice for kitchens and even bathrooms owing to the wet nature of the activity that goes on in the two rooms. In the kitchen, this material is ideal because there is no cross contamination when preparing food. When preparing meat and fish for example, you can easily wipe down the surface and still use it to prepare fruit.

The third thing is that unlike natural stone, engineered stone presents you with a number of design options. Colour is perhaps one of the most important choices people make about the interior décor of any home and with certain engineered stone options such as quartz, the pigment can be added into the resin and crushed quartz stone before it is made into a slab. This way, you are not going to have to live with a slab colour that you despise.

Another advantage and this is probably the reason why stone kitchen benchtops are more common with Melbourne families is the fact that stone bench tops are very easy to maintain and clean. A household with children means that you are constantly preparing meals and probably spilling a lot on the counters. Bench tops such as butcher’s blocks (wood) requires you to have a sander handy so that you can smooth down blemishes and scratches that appear with time and then apply a coat of vanish for that glossy finish. This is not the case with engineered stone. It does not need any maintenance and all you need to clean it is a damp cloth. Even if you are not a domestic person, keeping a clean house with engineered stone bench tops should be relatively easy.

It is no secret that engineered stone has a lot more advantages than the more traditional countertop options and given a choice, most would pick the various options available in engineered stone. It is not just because they look like natural stone, but also because it offers a chic look to what would have otherwise been a dull adaptation of Fred and Wilma’s place.