Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Are you looking for the best pool heating solution?

Heating a pool is a good thing, it is never a luxury as some people think, instead it is a necessity. Just to cite an example, if you buy a car for $20,000 and the car dealer neglect to tell you that the car could only be useful during the months of June, July and August.

You may not really like to buy the car; you may reconsider buying another one. Because the remaining nine months, the car will be dormant- you will not be using it, while you continue to pay the storage fees, insurance and other payments.

If I tell you right now that with just 10% of the money you spent in buying the car, you will be using the car 12 months a year. Which option would you go with? I think you will go with my suggestion.

Well, that is exactly what happens of an unheated pool. You may swim on them during May and September, but the best time to swim is from June through August. During this time, the water temperature is about 80 degrees and above.

Get the 10% value

Some people will still be uncomfortable with 80 degrees; they will be telling you that it is too cold. If you have a commercial pool, and wants to make huge gains, then a heated pool is a necessity. You can spend about 10% of the worth of the pool so as to get more value of your pool.

Why you need a heated swimming pool

  1. You spend great time with family– it is obvious that children and youths are in great love for swimming pool. Most people love it most when they are swimming with their family members, especially members of their immediate family.

One of the exciting benefits of heated swimming pool is the fact that swimmers can enjoy luxurious, warm water above 80 degrees for 9 to 10 months in the year and to be able to swim all year round, you will need a high quality pool heater. When looking in Sydney, make sure you consider what many say to be the best pool heating Sydney has to offer.

  1. Aerobics and low impact exercise– doctors and medical professionals regard water aerobics and swimming as great forms of exercises. It has great impacts on your overall body health. A heated swimming pool is good for your health- it enhances your well-being and overall health by giving you the privilege to practice exercise all through the year. A heated swimming prevents excessive heat loss and chilling.
  2. Solar equipment is durable– according to available research; solar equipment can last longer than electric or gas heaters. If you maintain it consistently every year, then you can expect it to last between 7 to 10 years.

Some heat or gas pumps have a 2- year guaranty, while some have a 12-year warranty. Such ones have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years or more.

  1. Solar doesn’t require much maintenance- a solar heater doesn’t need much service. Unlike the electric or gas heaters that can be serviced by technicians periodically, making sure your pool heat pumps are serviced correctly can ensure they are working as efficiently at heating your swimming pool as possible. This means less hassle for pool users and less cost as well.
  2. Solar energy is the ideal for every environment- solar pool owners utilize and generate renewable, clean and reliable energy. If you are looking to cut energy bills when heating your pool, consider this solution. Solar pool heating is considered the cheapest way to achieve great temperature water all year without increasing your energy bills. Solar energy also helps in eliminating nitrogen oxides emissions and carbon dioxide, which are the main promoter to global climate and smog change.

It is better to heat your pool with solar energy than using fossil fuels. You will gain the value of your money and return of your investment when you use solar energy to heat your pool.