Choosing The University Thats Right For You

It is imperative that you put some thought into which university you will study at and it will affect your quality of life for years to come. In fact, where you are studying is as important as the course you choose as if you don’t settle into university life then there is a chance that you may not end up completing your course. We’ve put together a useful list to highlight some of the main points you should consider when choosing your university, to help you have what can become, some of the best years of your life.

Entry requirements

An obvious one but the best place to start as there is no point in getting all excited about a particular university if you can’t meet their minimum grade expectations. The entry requirements will differ from course to course so make sure that if your chosen award is a Bachelor of Content Marketing, you know the grades you need to be considered for the university’s digital content courses at degree level.

Location, location, location!

Do you want to stay close to home or are you aching to move as far away from home as possible? If you are moving away then how much do you know about the city you are moving to? Does it have all the facilities you need to settle into a happy life there? Is it more expensive that what you are used to and therefore can you afford to rent and live there?

Course content

Course content will differ wildly from one university to another. Look at the variety of modules offered and make sure they cover everything you are hoping for. If you are looking at music production courses for example, do the courses contain modules that offer you the creative control you are expecting? What do previous students have to say about the course overall – did it meet their satisfaction?

Campus facilities

All universities will have different facilities based on their size, location and the courses they offer. How big and well stocked is their library? What clubs and societies are available for you to join? Do they have a gym/shop/bar on site? If you are looking to study a bachelor of music, you should find out what music production facilities they have and what the sound studio is like. What specialist equipment does the university have which relates to your course? If you are studying for a diploma in health sciences then you should consider how up to date their lab is and what you will have access to.


Every university is ranked each year in a league table and depending on what career you are looking to pursue this may or may not matter so also check out their graduate employment statistics as you’ll almost definitely be looking for employment as soon as you are qualified. Ranking and reputation isn’t the be all and end all though as the best university for you will be one where you can enjoy the experience and feel settled enough to ultimately graduate from.

Opportunities available

Some universities may offer you opportunities that others can’t. Some for example may partnership with firms offering graduate schemes that can help you get straight into work and others may have great industry contacts to help you get started on your career path. Have you ever thought about studying abroad? Some universities will offer the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or even for a whole year. It may not be something you’ve considered but it’s nice to have the option!